Perfectly Paleo – Sweet & Savory Breads and Vegetarian Cookbook: Indulgent Paleo Cooking for the Modern Caveman

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PALEO 2 BOOK COMBO PACK WITH 60 PALEO-FRIENDLY RECIPES The Paleo Diet – the lifestyle that tries to mimic our ancestors’ hunter-gatherer habits. It focuses on eliminating processed foods and sugar, legumes, grains, soy and dairy. The result is a natural, healthy diet consisting of organic meat, wholesome fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts and free-range eggs. The concept shocks many people: how can one live without bread, pasta and, most importantly, desserts? My friend, we have a solution for you. This book contains a selection of 60 delicious Paleo-friendly recipes. Eating Paleo doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy your favourite meals again – it just wouldn’t be fair, would it? So dig in and feel great about the food you’re eating!


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