Paleo Spiralizer: 365 Days of Paleo Spiralizer Recipes: 365 Inspirational Spiralizer Recipes for Weight Loss, Vegan, Salads, Noodles, Pasta, Instant Pot, Clean Eating, Low Carb

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365 Days of Paleo Spiralizer Recipes

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One of the most effective, healthiest and most thoroughly researched eating styles today is the highly-respected Paleo Method, a wholly natural way of eating that is transforming and improving the lives of millions.

Based on a complete understanding of how our bodies prefer to be fuelled, the Paleo Method grew from a realisation amongst health professionals that the modern diet of highly-processed food was the underlying cause of dozens of diseases. The explosion in obesity rates, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune problems, cancer and hormonal imbalances has been closely linked to the modern, Western diet. And, having identified the problem, doctors and nutritionists quickly found the answer: wholesome, natural food, prepared and served in the right proportions, could overturn and reverse health problems, burn off excess fat from the stubbornest deposits around the body and restore vigorous good health from top to toe. The answer is on the end of our forks.

Always popular because of the amazing flavours and the incredible variety of dishes that can be enjoyed every single day, the Paleo Diet just became even more versatile. Using the amazingly versatile Spiralizer to cut vegetables into long ribbons and strips that resemble noodles or spaghetti, the Paleo Diet now offers the tasty delights of some of the most popular dishes in the world – but based on super-healthy vegetables instead of potentially harmful grains. Now it’s possible to enjoy deliciously hot plates of pasta – made with your favourite, fabulous, life-affirming vegetables. It means even more variety, more textures, more flavours, more sensations from the sensational Paleo Diet. And there are mouth-watering recipes for every single day of the year!

In addition to celebrating every meal with the healthiest food and truly great flavours, you can also look forward to

  • Kick-starting your fat-burning metabolism and freeing yourself from the stubborn old belly bulge
  • Regaining your energy and vitality
  • Treating your taste buds with a fabulous range of super flavours and textures
  • Replacing your harmful old comfort foods with super-nutritious dishes
  • Saying farewell to auto-immune outbreaks

˃˃˃ Experience new levels of healthy wellbeing

The Paleo Method has been widely recognised as the most effective way to take control of weight issues, re-balance the metabolism, restore normal functioning to the digestive system and support robust health throughout the body. And just because the eating style is so good for us, it’s often surprising to discover how utterly delicious natural ingredients can be. The recipes have been carefully designed and compiled by a leading nutritionist and wellbeing specialist to make mealtimes a truly joyous occasion.

The emphasis is on total health but it’s also a celebration of the joy of good food and thoroughly enjoyable eating. The proportions have been calculated to provide the most balanced approach to the Paleo Diet and all you have to do is download the recipes and begin to enjoy the benefits for yourself.

Scroll up and grab a copy today. It’s a winning combination that deserves a place of honour in your kitchen!


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