Paleo Smoothies: Recipes to Energize And For Weight Loss

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Delicious smoothie recipe book which is quick & easy to make for weight loss and Healthy!

The Paleo diet may seem restricting but with this cook book, the reader can find a variety of smoothie recipes that are acceptable meals or snacks in the paleo diet. Recipes for the following smoothies are included: Vegetable and green smoothies, fruit smoothies including strawberry, banana, rhubarb, coconut, and pineapple, detox smoothies.
Also included in the book are:

  •     Nutritional facts for each recipe and some fun and interesting facts on ingredients used in the recipes.

  •     Book helpful for those following the Paleo diet, but it also provides variety for anyone who is interested in eating healthy.

  •     Ingredients used in these smoothies are not uncommon, but are easily obtained ingredients; this makes creating these smoothies enjoyable, easy and delicious.

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