Paleo Slow Cooker: Simple and Healthy Gluten Free Recipes

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Do you want an easy way to cook grain free AND gluten-free meals? Then Amelia Simons’ latest cookbook for slow cooker cooking is just what you are looking for!

While a Paleolithic diet has been shown to be very effective for people wanting to lose weight and improve their health, spending time in the kitchen on a daily basis can be difficult. That’s why Paleolithic Slow Cooker: Simple & Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes gives you crockpot recipes to help you find extra time so you can do other things besides cook.

In this gluten-free cookbook you will:

1. Discover how to cook really tasty quick breads in your crock pot so you don’t heat up your kitchen

2. Receive valuable tips and tricks on using your slow cooker

3. Enjoy recipes featuring beef, chicken, pork, and seafood

4. Make delicious and easy side dishes

5. Appreciate the easy-to-follow instructions

6. Find some incredibly tasty and healthy foods you can prepare for your family and loved ones

So, if you answered yes to wanting an easy way to cook grain-free and gluten-free, then don’t miss out on this cookbook full of terrific slow cooker recipes.


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