Paleo Pizza and Dessert Recipes – Delicious, Quick & Simple Paleo Recipes

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This is a compilation of the Paleo Pizza and the Paleo Dessert recipe books from the Delicious, Quick & Simple series!
Inside this book, you will find 50 delicious Paleo-friendly recipes.

Paleo pizza; There’s been much thought put into what it would take to put together a book specializing in this subject. One has to wonder how it was that Paleolithic man was able to make a pizza delivery within the famous twenty minute timeframe. I know that they had to be strong, but fast? Must have been like lightening. We figure it’s about time that you don’t have to do without or say no to the young ones to pizza any more. With this book as your guide, you’ll be pulling Paleo pizza after pizza out of your oven before you know it.


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