Paleo Free: Diet Guide for Beginners – Over 50 Paleo Free Diet Recipes for Optimal Health & Fast Weight Loss (gluten free, lose belly fat, paleo beginners, … paleo desserts, paleo diet, wheat free)

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Lose Weight Easily While Enjoying The Food You Eat

July 2015: 10 NEW Recipes Added!

What is The Paleo Free Diet?

We live in a world where fast-food, processed and canned goods are nothing but the norm. Everything is processed, bleached, filtered, refined—and what we don’t understand is that this isn’t necessarily good for our health.

The Paleo Free Diet takes us back to how it was in those Paleo days, eating only the freshest of vegetables and fruits, eggs, meat and nuts. In doing so, it also conditions our bodies to become fat burning machines. This change in diet will make losing weight fast and easy!

Starting a new diet often requires a lot of preparation and reading a small library of information, which can be daunting. We understand that and have condensed everything you need to know about this ultimate diet plan into an easy and accessible book.

Instead of sifting through loads of jargon, this book sets out everything you need to begin your diet. Instead of diving into the complex science, this guide will show you how to start losing weight and becoming healthier right away.

This book will give you loads of easy and tasty recipes that you can begin cooking at home without any hassle. By making our recipes, which are straight forward and delicious, it becomes easier to maintain the diet. Soon you’ll find it simple to incorporate the diet into your everyday life.

This book not only supports you with a diet plan but it helps you change your lifestyle so you can make a permanent and healthier transformation to your life.

Chapter Preview…

  • What is the Paleo Free Diet and its Benefits
  • What’s In and What’s Out?
  • Food Rules
  • Recipes for Weight Loss and Good Health
  • Prepare Easy and Healthy Entrees
  • Make Your Dinners Satisfying But Not Fattening
  • Create Fresh and Nutritious Smoothies
  • To Enjoy Your Food Without Worrying About Weight Gain

Recipes Include

  • Paleo Breakfast
  • Paleo Appetizers
  • Paleo Soups
  • Paleo Meals
  • Paleo Salads
  • Paleo Desserts Bonus Recipes from the book: “Paleo Desserts”

Making changes can be hard to do. The key to starting is momentum. Take the first step by downloading “Paleo Free Diet Guide for Beginners.” This is one diet plan that will allow you to enjoy food all while helping you shed off the pounds!

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