Paleo for Beginners. Paleo Diet. Paleo recipes for weight loss.

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You want to start a Paleo Diet but do not know how to begin?

This book does not only aim to act as a recipe book, but
also as an initial kick starting guideline for those who are
absolutely unfamiliar with this topic.

What is it all?

If you are first time reader of this diet, then you are obviously interested in knowing what exactly this diet represents, right?
Well, the origins of the Paleo diet actually herald back to the days of our mighty ancestors, the Neanderthals, to be exact. For this very reason, a
Paleo diet is also sometimes referred to as being a “Caveman diet” or even a Primal diet!

Why do it?

The Paleo diet can help you to lose weight. But its topmost priority is to help you regain your body’s vigor and keep it as healthy as possible!


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