Paleo Foods Can Be Fun and Comforting at the Same Time!: Yummy Paleo Comfort Foods to Make On Weekends

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This Paleo Diet Cookbook is going to concentrate on presenting some recipes of special treats you can eat guilt free. That’s right, Paleo Comfort Foods are allowed. Don’t forget that it is good to reward yourself in any diet with occasional fried foods, desserts, soups, casseroles, etc. You might call it cheating. Perhaps you will simply allow yourself a slightly bigger portion of your favorite item or a little portion of dairy products in the evening while watching a movie. Please keep in mind that if you are making some great progress losing weight or feeling healthier than try not to sabotage all your hard work just take it easy and be reasonable! Whatever you consider your comfort food is what you should enjoy preparing and eating as your special food. Perhaps this is a surprise for your spouse after a long day at work or your little ones when they are done with their chores.


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