Paleo Diet Slow Cooker: For Fat Loss And A Healthier Lifestyle-101 Newest And Delicious Paleo Recipes (Bonus: 21-Day Paleo Meal Plan)

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Be warning: We have spent at least 13 months to finish this cookbook, we have poured all of what we have know onto this amazing paleo diet slow cooker cookbook. Hope you will cherish it, as we know it will be useful for your life, it will save you time, it will lose your weight fast, the most important is that it will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Tired of being fat, sluggish, and in a bad mood? Want to LOSE YOUR WEIGHT FASTER? Do you like having a high quality and healthy lifestyle?

Have you already been fed up with cooking everyday when you back home from your busy and tired work? Do you often have no time to cook foods? Do you want to just put the foods aside and you can still work, sleep or go anywhere, and then after some hours you will have a very delicious and nutritional foods?  

Keep reading…By following this paleo slow cooker cookbook. You can get all the answers of above questions and not limited to.

Paleo diet, which is known by several other names such as cavemen’s diet or primal diet is immensely well received in today’s age and time.

It is based on the food and diet habits that our ancestors used to follow, such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, and meat. It is completely based on the elimination of dairy, sugars, salt, and alcohol. Its increased popularity as a measure to improve overall health with better nutrition as it has a healthy ratio of fatty acids, improves the absorption of vitamin and various nutrients, and consists of an ideal balance of all the macro nutrients (Protein, Carb and Fat).

So what benefits will you get from a paleo diet?

1. Long term and sustained weight loss;

2. Feeling Satiety ;

3. Reducing body inflammation;

4. Strengthens our immune system;

5. Decrease the production of LDL

6. More and more…

Slow cooker, also referred to as Crock Pot, is a kitchen appliance, used for cooking through means of electricity.

The most important advantage that you will get from a slow cooker is that it will save you too much time. As it’s no need to stand by it when it is cooking, you can still work, sleep, or do any other things. And also this is why the slow cooker is so popular in modern time.

The second big advantage is that it will provide you very delicious and nutritional foods after some hours cooking. The foods will be easier to be absorbed by us, and also it is flavored. For more information you want to know about slow cooker, just read more about this amazing book.

The biggest part of this book is the delicious paleo slow cooker recipes. You will find 101 easy and great recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, meat, vegetable, soup, stew, seafood, etc. You will like all of them I think.

And finally we provide you a 21- day meal plan, which is just for your reference. It will give you a total conception of paleo life. Hope you will like it.

Amazing result you will find after you follow this book for more than 2 weeks!

Don’t hesitate to catch this amazing book! 

Happy reading!

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