Paleo Diet for Beginners: Lose Weight, Feel Great & Start Thriving Living the Paleo Lifestyle (Includes 40 Simple & Delicious Paleo Recipes, Paleo Approach, Whole 30)

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The Paleo Diet Can Completely Transform Your Health And Change Your Life Forever!

Despite what you may believe, you can have more energy, look and feel younger and kick the sugar addiction.

If it sounds too good to be true, I promise it’s not! You can have all of this and more, simply by adopting a Paleo lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve heard news stories about eating like a caveman on the Paleo Diet, but wonder if it’s right for you? Are you planning a round of Whole30? Are you unsure where to start? In ‘Paleo Diet for Beginners’ we’ll cover how to eat primal in the modern world and how and how you can use it to revive your health–and life!

If You’re Trying To Keep Yourself And Your Family Healthy, The Prospects Are Daunting…

So, how can you make sense of it? An increasing number of people are overweight or obese, including children. Pick up any package and read the ingredient list and it’s easy to see why. You may need a degree in chemistry first if you want to decipher the ingredients in what you’re eating.

The Good News For You Is That The Paleo Approach Is Part Of A Movement To Simplify Things!

Complications may seem like a necessary part of modern life, but it’s surprisingly easy to simplify things if you make an effort. Processed foods are ubiquitous and inexpensive, but it doesn’t mean that they’re healthy!

The Paleo Diet can help you decipher which foods are healthiest for you and shorten your shopping time by eliminating time spent sorting through processed foods. Eating healthy and losing weight would be reason enough to try the Paleo Diet, but there are additional health benefits that go far beyond weight loss.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside…

  • Why the Paleo Diet is the best diet–hands down, for weight loss!
  • Why the Paleo Diet should be considered a lifestyle and not some “fad diet”
  • How eating Paleo can help prevent disease and aging
  • How eating Paleo works–without even having to count calories!
  • A variety of 40 delicious Paleo recipes to jumpstart your new lifestyle or your Whole30!
  • How to get the most out of your grocery shopping trips
  • How to get your kids on board with your Paleo journey
  • Why the words ‘local’, ‘grassfed’ and ‘organic’ should be high on your priority list
  • Plus, so much more!

    ‘Paleo Diet for Beginners’ will help you decide if eating like our primal ancestors is the right choice for you and give you all the information you need to start reaping the benefits of a Paleo lifestyle!

    Hungry for More?

    Here are some of the delicious recipes you’ll be able to try out…

  • Almond Butter Pancakes
  • Paleo Egg Muffins
  • Blueberry Protein Bites
  • Texas Style Chili
  • Crispy Fish Sticks
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup
  • And over 30 more!

    Are You Ready To Go Paleo?

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