Paleo Diet Cookbook: Perfect Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Slow Cooker, Condiment, Bacon and Smoothie Recipes (Paleo Diet For Athletes)

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A Paleo diet could be considered one of the easiest and healthy diets to follow. Many of the world’s leanest men and women have used this diet to achieve amazing bodies and actually heal themselves of stomach disorders.

Inside you will discover some awesome recipes that will support your dieting efforts and make transitioning to a Paleo lifestyle much easier. By having a variety of recipes available, you will avoid the food boredom that usually causes people to overeat and gain weight.

What Does a Paleo Diet Entail?

Essentially a Paleo diet has you eating like our ancestors did before the agriculture revolution. They only ate what they could find on the land or hunt down and kill. It has also been referred to as the caveman’s diet which makes it sound even more primal.

The Paleo diet is not a fad diet, but a lifestyle you choose to adopt vs. going on and off it again. Many people follow a modified version of a Paleo diet and still see great results. You always have the choice to go full Paleo or just eliminate some of the foods it suggests.

Here are just some of the foods you get to enjoy:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (moderate the amount of starchy vegetables you eat)
  • All meats (preferably grass fed) and fish/seafood
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Healthy fats and oils – coconut, olive, walnut, flaxseed, avocado

A Paleo diet also has a list of foods it recommends you moderate or eliminate based on the fact our ancestors would not have had access to these foods. You will find that list inside.

Why Bother With Paleo Smoothies?

Convenience leads to weight gain but can also lead to weight loss. It is a powerful tool. Eating a pound of vegetables a day can seem like an inconvenience but drinking a couple weight loss shakes that support your Paleo eating is super convenient.

If you don’t make eating healthy feel convenient, you will eat unhealthily. It is that simple.

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