PALEO DIET: A Caveman’s Guide To Good Health, Weight Loss and Strength (Paleo Cookbook, Paleo Diet Cookbook, Paleo Slow Cooker, Paleo Comfort Foods, Paleo … Book, Paleo Desserts, Weight Loss Plan)

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Paleo! Paleo! Paleo!

That’s all everyone seems to be interested in these days, even the people who were never the type to be bothered with a fad lifestyle diet. Makes you wonder just why this diet is special, doesn’t it?

This is because the Paleo Diet is not a fad diet! It’s not a diet that has suddenly appeared in society, endorsed by a celebrity who swears by its effectiveness, planning to starve and weaken you, so that you can lose a few pounds and consider yourself to be healthy for the time being.

Nope! This may sound incredulous, but the Paleo Diet has been in existence for thousands and thousands of years, before civilization existed. It is a time-tested “lifestyle” choice guaranteed to help you lead a healthy and full life – exactly the way nature intended.

Miles away from everything that is ‘fake’, ‘aberrant’, ‘processed’ and ‘phony’, the Paleo diet is the perfect choice if you are looking for a lifestyle that is more natural and intended for you. Thus this book – “Paleo Diet: A Caveman’s Guide To Good Health, Weight Loss and Strength!”

Unlike many other books available in the market that only focus on the theoretical side of the Paleo Diet, this book is written based on the author’s private experiences. Written by someone who has adopted this diet into her life and found its effectiveness in living a good life – this book has the personal touch that many other books lack. Yes, you will still find the basic information about the Paleo diet that you need to know, but you will also find practical and approachable steps that will help you to incorporate this brilliant diet into your lives. Regardless of whether you’re a caveman or a cavewoman.

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This is a complete guide to the Paleo Diet, with a guideline to what you can and cannot eat, how to shop for yourself and your family, as well as instructions on how to plan your meals for the first week. The author does not stop only after a week-long meal plan for you but also takes the extra step in providing you with easy and tasty recipes for meals that everyone will love.

So check out everything you need to know about the Paleo diet, as well as 21 exciting recipes for 7 consecutive days, for breakfast, lunch and dinner – each recipe more diverse and thrilling than the next!

*** That’s not all you can find in this book! ***

There’s a bonus chapter of 6 more delicious recipes for junk food, dessert and snacks. Yes, you read right! If you have thought that being on a diet means never getting the chance to eat something sweet, fried or tasty, you are in for a surprise by the end of this book!

So what are you waiting for? Start reading this book now, and see how great your life becomes after you too adopt the Paleo Diet into your life!


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