Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art – Create the Night POP!

Description from Hint:

A one-of-a-kind experience for patrons of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art at their annual gala event. This year the title was “Create the Night: POP” so the theme of pop art dominated the stories we decided to tell. The big surprise of the night was a five and a half minute animated journey projection mapped to the walls of Kirkwood Hall.

Inspired by these pieces, Hint recreated much of the art through tedious hand and digital techniques. Then painstakingly set hundreds of thousands of keyframes to bring it to life. Telling a story spread over three walls to a dispersed audience with lots of site-line issues was no easy task. To design the best experience possible a 3D model of the room was constructed allowing the artists to make decisions on where to place key actions.

Hint partnered with Substream music + sound design to build a unique soundscape for every environment our character would encounter. And Harvest Productions worked to get the projection and sound systems installed, lined up, and running without a hitch.

Role : Design Intern ( Time Segment 2:55 – 3:07 – Asset Prep : Photoshop / After Effects, 3:28 – 3:31 – Asset Pep : Vector)
Motion Graphic Designers / Animators : Adam Buritsch, Jeremy Casper
Creative Director : Travis Schlitter
Company : Hint
Client : Nelson-Atkins Museum

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