Nearly all Vegan Hunter-Gatherer Tribe of SuperAthletes use Plant-based diet to set UltraMarathon endurance run Records

Tribe of native hunter-gatherers avoid meat and eat a plant-based nearly entirely vegan diet full of grain, wheat, corn, and legumes and have become super-athletes. They can run distances of up to several ultramarathons, up to 400 miles at one time. Their diet is a 96% Vegetarian 94% Vegan Plant-based diet of over 75% Carbohydrates, with 12% as Protein and low fat diet of less than 13% Fat. This has resulted in them being one of the healthiest populations on earth with hardly a case of heart disease in their entire population and extreme athletic endurance. Scientists could not find even one case of obesity on their HIGH CARB diet of portions of up to 75% carbs at a time. And they had no cases of diabetes, and no insulin resistance, due to the fact that diabetes is caused by Fat, diabetes and insulin resistance aren’t caused by eating carbs. In fact, a low carb high fat diet will worsen diabetes because it is merely holding back fuel while still exposing pancreating and intra-muscular cells to high levels of the saturated animal fats that caused the insulin resistance and diabetes in the first place, whereas the plant-based diet may prevent insulin resistance or even reverse it due to its healthy high carbs and elimination of harmful saturated animal fat.

These top elite ultra-marathon athletes eat a 75-10-15 nearly entirely plant-based 94% vegan diet and eat 71% of their diet as Grains and are among the healthiest people in the world, with virtually no atherosclerosis, virtually no obesity eating over 75%+ carbs and set Guinness world records in athletic endurance. They are virtually free of many of the diseases plaguing other native hunter gatherer populations such as the Maasai and the Inuit who have among the shortest lifespans on earth. Diabetes is rampant in Eskimo populations, and even pre-western contact Inuits who were eating a native unprocessed paleo diet which were autopsied from mummies buried more than half a millennium ago frozen in the ice were found to have Cancer, lice, breast carcinomas and more from eating their meat-based paleo diet. These paleo diet Eskimos had pinworms, which are anal worms that live up inside the rear end and come from eating wild unprocessed meat. The Eskimo child buried along with these paleo hunter-gatherers showed signs of Downs Syndrome and it had birth defects. These paleo diet eaters had evidence of horribly decayed teeth, bone cancer, and Perthes disease. Once again these people were Eskimos eating a pre-western paleolithic style diet. Not a modern diet. These were bodies that had never been exposed to a westerner and lived more than half a millennium ago before any processed food even existed. This was from eating purely a hunter-gatherer eskimo meat-based paleo style diet. (See the scientific study here: JENS PEDER HART HANSEN, J0RGEN MELDGAARD, and J0RGEN NORDQVIST (eds), PAPER: “The Greenland Mummies”, London, British Museum Press, 1991, pp. 192, illus., £14.95 (0-7141-2500-8).) Sadly, a Tim Noakes recommended diet lead to Sickness, Cancer, Diabetes, Insulin resistance, and now Tim Noakes on banting is overweight and has budding pre-diabetes. Tim Noakes is now facing charges after potentially endangering children after recommending incorrect health advice to parents which is known to result in health problems in infants. Noakes has been summoed to appear due to complaints filed against him. His “low-carber” dietary advice was found based merely on pseudoscience, much of which has been found incorrect.

In contrast the Tarahumara vegan diet based tribe shows virtually none of these meat-based diseases and instead grew to amazing athletic prowess. (See medical study here: Peer-Reviewed Scientific and Medical Sports Nutrition Journal: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 32, April pp. 905-915, 79 . “Food and Nutrient Intakes of the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico”
Maria T. Cerqueira, M.S. R.D. Martha McMurry Fry, M.S. R.D. and William E. Connor, M.D — and full Lipid Analysis of the plant based hunter gatherer tribe here: )

Scientific medical analysis shows this group of hunter-gatherers who follow a nearly ANTI-PALEO grain based high carb diet and avoid nearly all meat have higher health and superior fitness. Enough to set world class endurance records and amazing feats of athletics.

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