Mix and Match Lower 40/20

Instructor’s name: Linda Stejskal

Type of Workout: Lower Body

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: Mat and resistance loop (or resistance band tied in a knot – buy bands here)

Total Running Time: 22 Minutes

Manufacture Year: 7 April 2018

Welcome to the Mix and Match Lower Series. These workouts use various intervals to challenge your butt, hips and thighs. Using equipment such as a resistance loop and a Pilates ball you will intensify all your favourite mat exercises to maximize your results in minimum time. There are lots of interesting combinations to keep your mind and muscles engaged.

You can mix and match the workouts to create a total body routine or use them individually depending on your preference and schedule.

In Mix and Match Lower 40/20 you will use intervals of 40 seconds of a larger range of motion exercise, followed by 20 seconds of micro movements for the same muscle group. There are no breaks between exercises so you have to keep your thinking cap on for fast transitions. The exercises include L-position outer thigh raises, bend and press, leg circles and knee outs as well as inner thigh raises and extensions. The resistance loop makes a big difference in adding intensity to this workout, but if you find it too tough just drop the loop and do it without!

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