Medial Thigh Lift In A Massive Weight Loss Patient

I have completed and uploaded the “Medial Thigh Lift In A Massive Weight Loss Patient” surgical video.

This is a delightful patient of mine who underwent a Roux-en-Y , or RNY gastric bypass operation to treat obesity. The patient lost over 170 lbs, and was left with stretched skin and supporting deeper structures, along with some residual fat. The stretched structures sagged in the horizontal and vertical dimensions, and lacked firmness or “tone”. All of these factors created an appearance that was not pleasing to the patient.

The goal of the procedure was to remove the excess skin and fat, and re-suspend the tissues to create a more aesthetically acceptable appearance (to the patient). This operation is very powerful in terms of changing the appearance. The major drawback to the procedure is the scar. The final placement of the scar is planned so that it approximates the inseam. When the scar is healed and fades, it is usually not very noticeable. In this case, since the degree of stretched skin extends down to the knee, the incision had to also extend that far. Usually, the scar is shorter.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed performing the surgery. I invite your comments, questions, and feedback. If you wish, I will be glad to reply.

Thank you for watching!

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