Meats, Sweets & Treats: Brought to you by The Butcher, The Baker & The Candymaker!

Meats, Sweets & Treats is all about using CBD in cooking.

This fun cooking travel series begins with its first season based in the sunny scenery and pretty panoramas of Southern California, where cannabis is both medicinal and recreational use approved.

A 13 episode, 30-minute journey dazzles, entertains and educates on the best methods of how to use CBDs, cannabis, cannabutter, cannabinoids and cannabis extracted product integration to make your own gourmet infused edibles for a variety of your favorite meals, sweets, and desserts — taught to you by our top line culinary specialists!

In their best chef whites and aprons, our knowledgeable experts cook for our Patients and tasters alike to deliver delicious delectables, funny stories, and special surprises.

In each episode, we prepare one recipe for a full gourmet meal of “Meats” with a complimentary “Sweet” and “Treat” as the icing on the cake (so to speak), demonstrating everything to make the recipes at home yourself and offer tips, tricks, gift ideas and serving suggestions for your next meal plan, dinner party or gathering.

We use organic, Non-GMO ingredients and include the healthful benefits of Paleo, Sans Dairy, Vegan and other diet regimens.

After each episode airs, our scrumptious recipes posted on our website are simple, easy to follow, and with delicious, mouth-watering results.

Our kitchen hosted at a host site or a restaurant that delivers the results to surprised tasters.

Check out our website for the latest information on the forthcoming series at

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