Mark Ming, “Lepingo, Weight-loss, Pain Relief and Face-lifting Tips”, Toronto Women’s Expo, Downsview Park, Studio 3

The Lepingo presentation on their products, weight loss, pain relief and face lifting tips was held at the Toronto Women’s Expo at Downsview Park, Studio 3 on December 2, 2012. This is a short video segment. This is what the’re all about:
Mark Ming, an experienced speaker and educator is excited to teach women all about Natural DIY Weight-loss, Pain Relief and Face-lifting tips, including FL, PR, and WL meridian exercises. Mark says ‘URwatuEAT’ Healthy diet tips for on-the-go are sure to help you stay on track with good eating habits!
After 12 years of research and development in far-infrared, negative ION, acupuncture science and nanometer technology, we realized a growing need for quality, non-invasive, no-side effect alternative health products. With a proven formula of developing clinically proven innovative brands in niche categories, coupled with a focused, targeted and aggressive marketing strategy, we have seen continued growth and success. Our mission: To heal the world with non-invasive, no-side effect, non-drug, natural solutions and remedies.
Our Culture: We are working hard to be one of the world’s most respected healthcare companies touching people’s everyday life in pain management and beauty sectors. We know that people are the greatest assets, innovations are not only driven by inspiration, but by the people full of passion and devotion to our mission.
Every product, every invention, every breakthrough that we have introduced has been powered by our people and customers.
We embrace research and science – bringing innovative ideas, products and services to advance the health and well-being of people in a holistic way.
We believe, a holistic healthcare company, caring for the people and the earth, heart and soul; SHE is of the people and earth, from the people and earth, for the people and the earth shall always thrives not only in business, but also in your hearts!
Our way is touching & powering your beautiful & healthy life everyday!
Our Team: Three of our executive team are from Fortune 500 companies, all of our team are with master degrees in management, healthcare and pharmaceuticals; two PhDs in Pharmaceuticals, two masters in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Neuropathology.
The Toronto Women’s Expo showcased top sponsors, exhibitors, demonstrations and speakers all geared to the betterment of your personal and professional life through educational and innovative ideas. It was held at Downsview Park, Studio 3 on December 1 & 2, 2012.
Our Vision: Connecting women for empowerment, inspiration and growth.
Our Mission: The Toronto Women’s Expo hosts engaging events that offers diverse resources for women to gain extraordinary value for positive growth.

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