Magnesium Supplementation For A Healthier You

Magnesium is one of the many essential minerals that our bodies utilize in order for us to be happy and healthy. Like Calcium, magnesium is primarily stored in our bones. Magnesium is critical for a whole range of processes that maintain physiological balance, including reproductive health, neurological function, metabolism, protein synthesis, blood pressure maintenance, and DNA Synthesis. Let’s discuss the benefits of Magnesium Supplementation in greater detail:
Magnesium Improves Blood Pressure
Magnesium plays a central role in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Magnesium Deficiency is associated with Hypertension, which dramatically increases your risk of heart attack and heart disease down the road. Research has shown that, for patients with elevated blood pressure, Magnesium Supplementation can help control blood pressure and bring it closer to the standard and healthy range. If you are concerned about your blood pressure, consider pairing Magnesium with Potassium and also including more Omega-3s and Fiber in your diet!

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