Low-Carb Paleo Diet Recipes: Top 365 Easy to Cook and Bake Delicious Low-Carb Paleo Diet Snack Recipes

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to come up with the right snacks to make you feel full whenever you are hungry during parts of the day and wherever you are. The recipes that this book contains are easy to make and delicious that you will sometimes wonder if you are still on a diet. All these recipes are low-carb and Paleo-friendly. Some of the snacks are cooked, some are baked, and there are also several recipes that you can prepare with your hands. There is a dedicated chapter for healthy smoothie blends that you can try.
This book will also enlighten you about the basics of this diet scheme. It has ample tips on the food to avoid and the right ingredients that you ought to shop for.

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