Low Carb: 101 Quick Low Carb Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert Recipes that tastes incredible

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When looking to lose weight you will probably try many methods. Some of the method will work while other will totally disappoint you. However, according to statistics one of the best way to lose weight is incorporating healthy meals into your diet plan. One of the best diet plan you can take to accelerate your weight loss is the low-carb diet. This book is compiled to give you more than 100 recipes that you can incorporate into your plan to achieve your weight loss goals. The book is divided into subsections namely BREAKFAST, LUNCH, APPETIZERS, POULTRY, BEEF, SEEFOODS, SIDEDISHES, and DESSERTS AND PORK RECIPES. The recipes are easy to bring together and they use local ingredients which are readily available. This makes the recipes budget friendly thereby presenting the most effective and inexpensive way to lose weight and get other numerous health benefits


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