Little Oceans (Spines) – by Clare Atkin

This music video was created by Clare Atkin (Bachelor of Arts and Media) stemmed by meeting with Little Oceans to discuss their band image, inspirations and ideas. The song Spines embodies a darker and more alternative sound to other songs belonging to the band.

The decision was made to shoot around Golden Bay because it houses a vase range of dynamic and scenic locations, the Old Cement Works in Pohara, The Grove in Clifton and the Takaka River.

The video has a loose concept based around building mystery towards an intense ending. The theme of hands works in achieving this, as we see various hand compositions leading up to the final shot which shows the lead singer suddenly being covered in hands. The main reason for a loose concept was that the band wanted to steer away from a narrative and focus on getting shots that complimented the sounds and mood of the song.

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