Let’s Beat Over – Fat …

Let’s beat over fat by removing confusion and guess work … We have developed cutting edge monitoring software that helps define if your body is burning or storing fat.

Our software through deep machine learning logic , monitors the key metrics that govern fitness ability , health and fat loss. *lFactors effecting fat loss * Meal timing plays a key role ( metabolic effect of food ) so does our inbuilt circadian clock and of course insulin .

Carbs and sugars digested in the am will typically result in less insulin rising and lowering quicker than later on in the day when there is a decline in glucose tolerance and less carb oxidation.
If you have poor insulin sensitivity ( most of the public have) then even 1 alcoholic drink or small meal/snack containing carbs / sugar will not only raise insulin but keep it high for hrs afterwards ( due to low fitness ability) so even if you have a 3 hr gap in-between meals the second meal will be still be drowning in raised insulin from the 1st meal .. This is essentially why 90 % of males an: 80 % of women are over fat , because the public have not been educated on how to monitor and regulate carbohydrate consumption.
Carbohydrate intake should factor the concentration of glucose in your blood which is the critical upstream switch which places the body into a fat storing or fat burning state.
High glucose blood concentration = pancreas moves insulin in + telling cells to take in glucose + puts into temp storage (glycogen) = all else gets stored in fat cells.
Low glucose = pancreas releases glucagon + glycogen is depleted + hormones = acetyl CoA = ATP from cells as energy.
#The paper “ impact of diet composition on Blood glucose regulation 2016 “ the meal content of protein and fat although able to influence postprandial glucose values has limited practical significance before the magnitude of these is rather small > carbs and alcohol are the significant factors and these are factors that can delay the process of digestion or absorption of carbs thus reducing the glycemic response …
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