Ketogenic Diet: 40 Day Complete Transformation Challenge: Lose 1 Pound a day with 120 Ketogenic Diet Recipes (diabetes, diabetes diet, paleo, paleo … carb, low carb diet, weight loss) (Volume 1)

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WHAT FUEL ARE YOU RUNNING ON? Likely, your answer is carbs, like starches, fruit, and other sugars. When you walk, talk, or simply move through your daily routine, you are burning energy, and typically most people get most of their energy from Dietary Carbohydrates Much of the time, especially with the modern-day heavy-carb diet, your energy comes from carbohydrates. These are sugars and starches, which are broken down into glucose, which is then used by the body for energy. Unfortunately, excess glucose that is not fully used as energy converts to glycogen which is then stored as fat. “CARB OVERLOAD” IS BELIEVED BY MANY EXPERTS TO BE THE #1 CAUSE OF OVERWEIGHT AND OBESITY TODAY As you probably know, people living in modern countries are fatter than ever before, and in the US, 1/3 of all people are obese. This can lead to the following debilitating, and in some cases deadly, conditions and diseases: Heart attack and stroke Various cancers Diabetes and high blood sugar Mental conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s High blood pressure Inflammation throughout the body A lower quality of life Self-esteem issues A reduced sex drive and performance An increased risk of premature death Other chronic health conditions FORTUNATELY, YOU CAN AVOID THESE ISSUES, AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS START USING THE RIGHT FUEL FOR ENERGY The only exception to the body not needing glucose from dietary carbs for fuel is ketones Ketones do not usually enter the body fuel equation until you start eating carb smart and enter a state of ketosis, where your body begins to burn stored body fat for energy HOW DO YOU ENTER KETOSIS, OR A KETOGENIC STATE? Easy! You limit the number of and sources of the carbohydrates you eat. As soon as this happens, your body looks to other fuel to replace carbs as the primary energy source. THIS TRIGGERS KETOSIS AND YOUR FAT BURNING SWITCH IS FLIPPED ON! The best part of this process … all YOU have to do is LIMIT CARB INTAKE Your body does the work for you. It knows what to do. Just eat the right carbs in the right amounts and your body will begin to burn your stored fat… It’s as simple as that Remove carbohydrates as your primary energy source, eat moderate amounts of protein and increase intake of healthy fats and your body is forced to burn stored body fat for fuel! Period!


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