Keith Norris — Health vs Performance: Two Distinct—and Oftentimes, Conflicting—Wellness Goals

Keith Norris presenting at the 2nd annual Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 (AHS12).

The lay public—and, unfortunately, many professionals within the “fitness” and “strength and conditioning” community—consider “health” and “performance” to be synonymous and/or interchangeable terms. This is a disservice both to the lay community, who then assumes, that only an inordinate amount of exercise (both in time and intensity) can elicit superior health, and to the sporting community, who wrongly assumes that superior sporting performance is indicative of superior, underlying health.

This knowledge gap is a tremendous impediment to those most at danger of manifesting some variant of the prevalent “diseases of modernity” as this notion discourages them from seeking and undertaking intelligently programmed exercise regimens that would otherwise mitigate, arrest, or even reverse these same, insidious conditions. The result is often a competitive athlete who maintains a false sense of security concerning their own underlying health. To that end, both the general public, and the competitive sporting community, need to be educated on the true relationship between health and optimum performance.

Keith Norris is the regional manager for Austin Texas’s premier personal training experience, Efficient Exercise, and maintains the always-informative blog, Theory to Practice. He is an expert in the emerging field of Ancestral Wellness based strength and conditioning, utilizing the best, most efficient modern training methods to achieve a proper balance between health, fitness and well-being.

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