Kale Cookbook: Illustrated Easy Kale Recipes Book Including Soups, Salads, Sides, Dinners and Paleo Diet Recipes (Paleo Recipes: Paleo Recipes for Busy … Lunch, Dinner & Desserts Recipe Book 5)

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This is an illustrated book with easy kale recipes including soups, salads, dinners and side meals. Almost all of the recipes are Paleo friendly.
Kale offers a wonderful alternative to many other traditional greens in your meals like broccoli, spinach, zucchini and cabbage. It is a powerhouse packed full of vitamins, nutrition and goodness. It’s versatility with cooking methods make it very easy to incorporate into your natural food diet. Many of these Kale cookbook recipes fit in perfectly with the Paleo diet, and anyone who wants to eat healthier, nutritious, whole foods. The ingredients are natural and easy to source at your local supermarket.

Most of the kale recipes are very simple and easy to prepare, with just a handful being more for the person who likes to spend time in the kitchen. I always like to have a variety of meals including kale ready to make depending on my time limitations and how many people I need to cook for. Of course another wonderful benefit of KL is that you can grow it fresh in your own vegetable garden. It is very popular with vegetarian cooks.

Kale can be eaten raw, blanched and frozen, steamed, fried and baked. The versatility of this wonderful vegetable will be shown throughout this kale cook book. You will discover new easy Kale salad ideas, kale soups, kale lunches, side dishes, dinners and even kale smoothies. I hope you enjoy this cookbook and some of my favorite kale recipes!

Here are some of the topics and recipes you will find inside:

.What is Kale
.How to Cook and Use Kale
.Kale Nutritional Value
.Vegetarian Kale & Potato Roll Ups
.Easy Kale Omelet
.Green Pancakes
.Simple, Sweet Kale Shake
.Cheesy Kale Muffins
.Breakfast Burrito K Combo
.Healthy Green Smoothie
.Quick Paleo Kale Frittata
.Fresh Shrimp & Kale Thai Salad
.Kale Smoothie Punch
.Super Quinoa Lunch Salad
.Chicken, Coconut & Kale Soup
.Crust-less Tomato and Kale Quiche
.Kale Chips
.Vegetarian Walnut & Kale Salad
.Easy Kale Meat Roll Ups
.Kale and Smoked Salmon Salad
.My Creamy Kale Pasta Carbonara
.Tuna & Kale Hash Browns
.Tofu & Kale Crumble Loaf
.Cream of Kale Soup
.Vegetarian Kale & Cranberry Salad
.Slow Cooker Kale Side
.Power Kale Soup
.Stir Fried Kale with Bacon Strips
.Italian Style Kale Fettuccine
.Easy Kale & Ground Meat Casserole
.Kale Thai Green Curry
.Kale and Feta Cheese Pie
.My Kale Goulash
.Stuffed Pumpkin Squash with Turkish Peas & Kale
.Beef Stew with Kale
.Autumn Kale Stew
.Chicken, Ginger & Kale Stir Fry
.Deluxe Garlic & Kale Mashed Potato
.Saucy Kale Side
.Kale Side Dish with Garlic
.Healthy Kale Chowder
.Chocolate Kale Ice Cream
.Paleo Recipe Resource Books


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