Japanese Okinawans DONT eat a lot of Fish, they avoid it. The longest living centenarians are avoiding Fish. A mainly vegan diet

The Japanese Okinawans don’t “eat a lot of fish’ they avoid eating fish. The Japanese Okinawan Centenarians DO NOT eat a fish-based diet. It is NOT TRUE for any person to say “The Japanese Okinawans eat a lot of Fish”. That is not correct. The actual data shows that is wrong. Actual measurements were taken of their food intake. Not only do the Okinawans eat less fish than Americans, but the individual okinawans who are up over 100 years of age ate the LEAST fish. The ones that are living the longest didn’t eat More fish, they ate even less fish. The Okinawans are eating less than 1% of fish in their diet. That means 99% of their diet is Not fish. It would equate to having fish only 3 times a year. A bite of fish today would mean none again for 100 days. The longest lived are avoiding it.

If you see any articles claiming such false things as “The Dangers of Soy” or “Okinawa: Island of Pork” these are examples of concocted falsified articles fabricated by the now known debunked WAPF health-fraud front group. These are false. The Okinawans that were not centenarians ate more pork (died). The actual centenarians diet consisted of very little, less than 1% pork, only as little as once a month, or for special occasions, funerals, etc, and 99% not pork. The majority of the diet is plant-based. The ones that ate the most carbs, the most plants and the least amount of pork lived the longest.

To see specific graphs of Centenarian diets view this URL: http://tinyurl.com/centenariandietinfo1

Unlike other articles, videos, comments, or opinions, this information presented here is based on and backed by peer-reviewed science. It is the factual data.

SCIENTIFIC STUDY: “The Diet of the World’s Longest-Lived People and Its Potential Impact on Morbidity and Life Span” SOURCE JOURNAL: Annals of the Academy of Sciences – Volume 1114: 434–455 (2007).

Note: These are the Actual Food Measurements of the Centenarians, not conjecture. Also note that this is not the diet of All island Okinawans or the diet of the Okinawans who ate more meat and ended up dying, but the diet of the ones who lived the longest.


70% Sweet potatoes (carbs) 70%
12% Rice 12%
7% Grains & Wheat 7%
6% Soy & legumes 6%
4% Additional vegetables 3%
3% Fruit 3%
2% Oils 2%
1% Nuts (Protein) 1%
1% Other potatoes 1%
1% Seaweed 1%
1% Sugars 1%
1% Fish 1%
1% Dairy 1%
1% Eggs 1%
1% Pork-Meat 1%
1% Flavorings & Alcohol 1%

85% carbs
09% Protein
06% Fat
85-10-5 – Carbs-Protein-Fat ratio
1785 Calories

99% Pesca Vegetarian
less than «4% Animal Products (Dairy,Fish,Eggs,Meat,all combined. The Okinawan Centenarian Diet is not animal product based)
less than «1% Fish (The Okinawan Centenarian diet is not fish-based)
less than «1% Meat-Pork (The Okinawan Centenarian diet is plant-based, it is not pork-based)

96% Vegan
98% Vegetarian

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