Is Milk Healthy? Part 1 of Dairy

Why dairy is horrible and the major exceptions to the rule (Part 1):
Dairy is dangerous

The FTC asked the USDA to look into the science behind the milk does the body good ads. The scientist found that
1. Milk does not benefit sports performance –
2. No evidence that it helps against osteoporosis –
3. Dairy is linked to prostate cancer
4. May be linked to heart disease
5. That it’s bad for 75% of people who are lactose intolerance –
6. It Aggravates irritable bowl syndrome.
And conventional milk causes allergies, sinus issues, ear infections, type 1 diabetes, chronic constipation, and anemia in children,

Milk intolerances:

Milk Allergy:

A milk allergy is different from lactose intolerance and refers to an abnormal immunologic reaction in which the body’s immune system produces an allergic antibody, called immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibody, which results in allergy symptoms such as wheezing, diarrhea or vomiting.

Those with an actual milk allergy must strictly avoid dairy in any form, including cheese. Symptoms of a milk allergy can include asthma, eczema, gastrointestinal distress, as well as bleeding, pneumonia, and even anaphylaxis (shock).

Lactose Intolerance:
Different from both allergies and lactose intolerance, some people have a sensitivity to the casein (a type of protein) in milk. This sensitivity can trigger inflammation throughout the body, which may produce symptoms such as sinus congestion, acne flares, skin rash and migraines.

Non dairy options:
Coconut Milk
You can use coconut milk to cook basic rice and also for curries. I also make coconut milk kefir. Some people even add it to coffee as a non-dairy creamer. Most commercially sold coconut milks have guar gums and other additives which can upset your digestion.

Almond Milk

Hemp Milk

Rice Milk
Rice milk is very starchy and is high in carbs. Rice milk may also contain arsenic depending on how it was made. It isn’t a great source for calcium, fat, or protein. I don’t like it.

Soy Milk
Soy was traditionally prepared through a long, slow fermentation processes to make food such as natto (which is rich in Vitamin K2), miso, tempeh, and soy sauce, as well assoy milk. Unfortunately, the soy of today is not treated with the same respect and care. The soy bean has high amounts of phytic acid and isoflavones, or plant-based estrogens. In addition, at least in the United States, today’s soy is 90% genetically modified which means it is loaded with pesticides. GMOs, pesticides, phytic acid, and endocrine disruptors do not build healthy bodies. I do not recommend drinking modern soy milk.

Cancer, fracture rate –

Got Proof? Lack of Evidence for Milk’s Benefits

non-dairy creamers –

non dairy creamers –

pasteurization and homogenization —

Milk and bone loss –

*dangers of pasteurized milk –
Raw milk and dangers of conventional –

6 reasons to avoid milk –
Harvard on dangers of milk –

This is How Dairy Affects Your Hormones. Get Ready to #DitchDairy Today!

For more info go to –

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