Instant Pot Cookbook Best Recipes: Healthy, Easy, Quickly, Tasty, Vegetarian, Paleo Recipes, Set & Forget Recipes. Power Pressure Cooker Recipes. Instapot recipes.

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Are you bored with repetitive dishes? Do you want to cook quickly and deliciously? Are you in need of only the best recipes? Here it is ̶ the long-awaited book of the Best Recipes for the pressure cooker Instant Pot. Unzip (download) and get your portion of superb recipes! Only top quality recipes for your family and friends. The advantages of this book:

  • More than 100 recipes for the pressure cooker Instant Pot.
  • Recipes for everyone: SET&FORGET, VEGAN, for the whole family or just for two.
  • Cooking time in each recipe ̶ choose the best option for you.
  • The recipes are sorted out logically into categories.
  • Useful tips in pictures.

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