Instant Pot Cookbook: 50 Simply, Easy, And Delicious Recipes. Part 2: The Quick And Healthy Pressure Cooker Guide For Busy People For Daily Cooking

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The Best 50 Recipes for Instant Pot

Do you want to eat delicious food and this food also was healthy and beneficial to your body? It is possible. Only in our book, you will find 50 most useful recipes cooked in the Instant Pot!

Especially for you in this book, here are 50 recipes for every day that you can cook in the Instant Pot. It should be noted that cooking in the Instant Pot you keep in the products all the vitamins and trace elements, which means that your health will always be OK! Cook with our book always and stay healthy and young!

The book has collected 50 cooking recipes for cooking in the Instant Pot. Especially for you, we have put together the most delicious and most useful recipes. You will now have a huge selection of dishes and the question like “what to cook today?” just will not occur!

Dinner Menu.
Enjoy the best and fast recipes that will make each your day delicious and varied.
Dessert Menu.
What could be sweeter than a delicious dessert? Nothing! Cook our recipes of sweets and enjoy this unforgettable taste. Treat yourself with pleasant emotions.
Snack Menu.
This is the perfect ready snack for office workers, students, schoolchildren, hikers, and athletes, which you can cook at home, which makes it much healthier and tastier.
Take a break and enjoy a light snack.

Cool and very various recipes
“I purchased this book and now this is my assistant in the kitchen, of course together with the Instant Pot. A huge variety of recipes in the book, so now I’m cooking different dishes every day and surprise my family» – Nataly Lee

Very good book
“Personally for me, this book especially is attracted by its step-by-step description and illustrations of the cooking process. Now I follow all the rules and stages of cooking, which are accompanied by photographs, and easily cook delicious meals every day ” – Alise Carter

I liked the book
Recently, I bought an Instant Pot, but still, nothing cooked in it until I bought this book. Now I cook every day, everything is fresh, delicious. Recipes are described in detail and step by step, which is especially useful for understanding how to cook. I advise it to everyone ” – Barbara Parker


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