Indian Keto Diet Book Review: Diet plan with Veg and Non Veg Foods, Recipes for Weight loss by Vamsee Puligadda

Keto Diet or Ketogenic diet is becoming famous these days for weight loss in a shorter span of time. There are multiple advantages to the Keto diet other than weight loss. To get optimal results, one needs to have specific foods which can accelerate the Ketosis process in our body through various diets included in out breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner menu.

There is very less help for Keto for Indian people as many tips and dishes available out there are maily focused towards US and UK people. A great info in that matter for Indian style of Keto diet is available in the book: The Indian Keto Diet Book: A book with keto diet plan with various Indian veg and non veg foods, recipes for weight loss without exercising.

The book PDF can be downloaded at:

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