Including Cacao Into Your Diet – Andi Lew

Today we’re talking about cacao!

For those who don’t know, cacao is the raw un-refined version of chocolate. You can get raw cacao from a number of health food stores across the globe these days, it’s certainly not hard to find.

Now the reason why you should add it into your cooking as much as possible is because it’s really high in protein and magnesium!

Yes, that’s right, there is a food which is high in protein that doesn’t come from an animal source and it’s easier for the body to assimilate when we get it like that as well. The fact that it’s high in magnesium is also very important as we need that as much as possible during high intensity training.

Women also need magnesium before that time of the month as it helps with muscle expansion and contraction and our uterus is a muscle too. That is part of the reason why many women crave chocolate during that time of the month.

Check out the above video to find out some ways to include cacao into your diet and some of the health benefits that come with consuming it regularly.

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