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3:12 Coaching video on being aware that there are other companies trying to imitate the Ideal Protein food that our clients may ask us about. Important for coaches to be able to explain why companies are able to offer their food at a cheaper price and what you are risking by buying theirs. Very important as coaches to be able to speak confidently that companies that try to imitate or copy Ideal Protein products are not even close to the quality that IP produces and why.

Key talking points to our clients:

Ideal Protein in one decade has become the #1 diet program in the country;
Seeing an opportunity to make money, companies are producing food that they are calling the “same as Ideal Protein food, but cheaper” and that you can find/purchase on Amazon
This food is NOT of the same high quality that IP food is
Every IP food (except jello) has 8 amino acids (building blocks of protein) that aids in cellulite removal. Imitators have Fructose in their products – not good
Every IP food (except jello) is made of pharmaceutical grade protein
Because the IP diet is low calorie (hypocaloric) and the protein you ingest on the diet is minimal, it NEEDS to be of the highest quality to minimize muscle loss
The imitators can not make these claims about their products
Results 22 uses IP products because we KNOW it works, we KNOW it is made with the highest quality protein to ensure you get the best results while sparing your lean muscle mass to ensure both short and long term fat weight loss. The imitators cannot stand by this claim – they do not put their clients health first.
Results 22 puts our clients first by offering the best products in the industry, and that is the Ideal Protein products.

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