Hydroxycut Max, Formulated for Women, America’s #1 Selling Weight-Loss Brand, 60 Rapid Release Capsules, Green Coffee Extract, Powerful Weight Loss, Fast-Acting Energy, Boost Metabolism

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TAKE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS TO THE NEXT LEVEL FAST-ACTING ENERGY Hydroxycut Max! has the energy you want to maximize your workouts or whatever activity you enjoy. The caffeine will help boost your metabolism. ENERGY + FEMALE-FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS Hydroxycut Max! contains an ingredient (caffeine anhydrous [1,3,7-trimethylxanthine]) that supports increased energy. Hydroxycut Max now combines powerful weight loss from green coffee with the female-friendly ingredients folic acid and iron, and unique super foods from around the world in a new, twice-a-day formula.Liquid Weight-Loss Formula Max! ProDefineThe Max! ProDefine Blend includes clinically proven key ingredients researched to deliver powerful weight-loss results
Day 1 to 3 , 1 Capsule, 2x Daily.
Day 4 and beyond , 2 Capsules, 2x Daily.


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