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How to eat right with the superhuman diet aka PANLO 80/20. Could this be the best diet in the world ever? Accessible to almost everyone out there. Not hard. Very inclusive. Very effective?

Wand to fee superhuman? Fed up over the debate from vegan and paleo people? Well PANLO 80/20 is for you!

Hi, I’m Hari Kalymnios from and in this video, and others like it I share the best knowledge out there when it comes to success, leadership, high performance, health, vitality, mindset, psychology, fitness and more. Join me on these videos where I share with you tools, techniques, and tactics to help you become SUPERHUMAN. The idea, items and inspiration to get you to that next level. All for FREE too! Normally I charge hundreds of dollars for my time, and you are getting it for FREE on this channel. Just apply it. That’s all I ask.


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