History of Food – The Bite of History by Caroline Anaya

The Bite of History by Caroline Anaya presents the history of food and walks you through how to cut through all the hype to eat nutritiously.


Video Transcript
I was an eager depression-era child. That was a time when women stayed home, men went to work, and kids had chores.

Food came from local farms, gardens, and the diary. We just cooked it, ate it, and we were healthy.

WWII began when I was 9. Men went off to fight, Women took over their jobs.

Food changed. Rationing. Victory gardens. Food substitutes, like oleo. The processing of foods to extend their shelf life, like milk.

Soldiers ate K-Rations, C-Rations and MREs, Meals Ready to Eat.

After the war, many women keep working.
Still in school, I decided to be a professional woman – a scientist.

I studied hard in college and was rewarded with a glorious career as a research scientist in food and nutrition and as a food technologist.

Working women had become a new market for time-saving foods like TV Dinners and boxed cake mixes. These were up-grades of the WWII soldier’s meals. Industry-made, pre-packaged foods with long shelf-life.

To help out, the FDA changed its definition of food to include processed and junk food. Food for profit, not for health…. That was 1963 – a turning point in food history. What a jolt!

That opened the door for the industrial food business to market a tsunami of modified and non-food products. They did whatever they wanted.

Nutrition has never been the same. Diets, fast-food restaurants, processed foods in packages. Advertising.

I walk you through their trickery… spelling out ways you can distinguish between information, like the mindless babble in the media, and real science. How to pick true experts, to make food and nutrition choices that serve you best.

You don’t need to worry about all that sketchy advertising in the media. You will find that eating healthy is actually simple when you read my book, The Bite of History.


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