High Protein Donuts all UNDER 100 CALORIES

Jim Buddy’s makes High Protein Donuts. They are all under 100 calories with 8-10g of protein. They contain no added sugar, low net carbs, high fibre, natural sweeteners and no aspartame. The ingredients are all foods you would find in a ‘clean’ diet: oats, egg, whey, fruits, nuts etc. With gourmet flavourings like real vanilla pods, they taste every bit as good as a regular donut; not just the ‘healthy option’. They are available in gyms, cafe’s and health food stores and online in the UK, Ireland and across Europe.
They were invented when Tom Neal, the founder, was dieting for a photoshoot as a personal trainer and grew tired of chicken and broccoli. He instead wanted something that tasted like a ‘cheat’ food with none of the unhealthy drawbacks. Jim Buddy’s meet the growing consumer demand for high protein foods and wholesome alternatives to firm favourites like donuts. Everyone needs a Jim Buddy!
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