Healthy Sweet Potato Desserts: Quick And Easy Paleo Treats

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The nutritional benefits of this delicious tuber are numerous. Sweet potatoes are great in savoury dishes but did you know they do even better as desserts? Contrary to what many would think sweet potatoes actually contain way more nutrients than their blander counterpart, in spite of the sweet taste. Satisfy your cravings without guilt by making these taste paleo friendly treats. In Healthy Sweet Potato Desserts: Quick And Easy Paleo Treats you will learn to cook: Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn To Cook in Healthy Sweet Potato Desserts – Sweet Potato Crepes – Sweet Potato Ice Cream – Sweet Potato Bread – Sweet Potato Choc Chunk Cookies – Ginger Sweet Potato Snaps – Sweet Potato Mousse – Baked Apples, Grapes & Sweet Potatoes – Sweet Potato Custard – Sweet Potato Pie – Paleo Pie Crust – Sweet Potato Smoothie – Sweet Potato Shortcakes – Sweet Potato Brownies – Sweet Potato Brownies – Sweet Potato Magic Bars – Sweet Potato Cupcakes – Pineapple Sweet Potato Upside Down Cake – Much, much more! “I’ve only tried the brownies but I have to give them 5 stars. Very easy and delicious. They were so good that I made another pan for my son’s group at work. Since they are gluten free, they were a huge hit! I’ll try the other recipes soon because they all sound so good and good for you.” R.J Holbrook, reader review “You will want to print this one for your kitchen. My mother had a special three ring binder that she kept her favorite recipes and kitchen hints in. This short book on sweet potato desserts is one that should go in everyone’s special binder.” Sandy, reader review So grab a copy of “Healthy Sweet Potato Desserts” and get started cooking these guilt free desserts today!


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