Have Healthy Foods You Enjoy

Hello, my name is Diana and I am part of the Care Team here at Newtopia. Welcome to today’s lesson, ‘Have Healthy Foods You Enjoy’. In today’s video, we will learn how to take a healthy approach to eating, how to make healthy choices, and how to cook food that tastes great. Let’s talk about how.

Your Inspirator will be reviewing the information from this video during your next call, so if you have any questions from today’s video guide, be sure to write them down so you can discuss them together.
Ready? Let’s begin!

(See Slide #2/3: A Healthy Approach To Eating)

We know that everyone has different eating habits. When thinking about our own habits, it is important to ask why we eat, how we feel when we don’t eat, and the reasons for skipping meals. Now think about which of these reasons has the biggest impact on your weight loss?

Food was meant to be enjoyed—the way it tastes, smells, and looks, so satisfy those senses the next time you cook. Take the time to enjoy what you’ve made or bought. Try not to read, drive, or watch TV while you eat. You’ll enjoy your food more. Eat slowly. This gives your brain a chance to get the message that you are full. Our participant guide is full of helpful tips on how to transform your food into something healthy and satisfying.

(See Slide #4: Making Healthy Choices)

But before we can eat the right way, we have to eat the right things. Sometimes it can be as simple as switching out a particular side dish for something healthier. For example, do you like French fries on the side of your burger? What if you can keep the burger, but you agree to substitute a salad on the side?
There is a way to make just about any food healthier by finding items lower in sugar transfat and sodium. Talk to your Inspirator about how to incorporate these changes into your diet.

(See Slide #5: Cook Food That Tastes Great)

Now that you’ve established a healthy approach to eating and you’ve learned how to make some healthy swaps, let’s explore some extra tips that will leave your food tasting great.
Tip #1: Add extra flavor to your foods with spices, herbs and citrus. Like it hot? Try a little hot sauce. Want to cut back on the mayo? Try Hummus or avocado as a spread on your sandwich or as a binder for your tuna.
Tip #2: Choose good-quality items! There’s a big difference between using fresh tomatoes and using premade tomato sauce, which has loads of added sugar and sodium. Begin cooking with real food!
Tip #3: Try new cuisines. Such as Mexican, Japanese, Greek, Italian, or Indian.
Tip #4: Low calorie options doesn’t always mean that it’s healthier. Removing fat might make it low cal, but the flavor is usually replaced with sugar or some type of sweetener which will affect your blood sugar and insulin levels. So be sure to read your food labels.
And one more tip for those of you with a sweet tooth. Choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate or make your own trail mix as a healthy snack for work. Most prepared or prepackaged trail mixes are loaded with excess salt, sugar and oils that are bad for us.

So, that’s a wrap on having healthy foods you enjoy!
When it comes to eating healthy foods, be creative and explore different ideas that are unique to your tastes and preferences. There are lots of healthy foods to enjoy…so go out and try something new!
Thanks for joining us today, and see you at your next coaching session!

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