Guide to Paleo Diet: 45 Healthy Paleo Recipes – Paleo Cookbook for Beginners

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Are you looking for some new recipes? Not just recipes, but great recipes! Not just great recipes, but great Paleo Recipes? Are you having a hard time finding any? This recipe book contains 45 great tasting Paleo recipes.

In this book, I have put together forty-five recipes. Fifteen are breakfast recipes, fifteen are lunch and the other fifteen are for dinner. I know that a Paleo diet can tend to be monotonous sometimes, so I have put together recipes that will give you variety. You can also be free to play around with the ingredients to see what you can come up with. I also know that we all require different levels of sweetness in our meals. You can leave out or include natural sweeteners such a honey according to your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Bring a revolution in your life and take the first step to a healthy lifestyle with us. Let’s take this amazing journey together!.

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