Going Paleo: A Quick Start Guide for a Gluten-Free Diet

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Buyers of Going Paleo are saying:

“The author writes really well, with a comforting tone, and positive delivery. The information is presented gently to reduce any chance of someone new feeling a bit overwhelmed.” ~ James

“I’m new to the Paleo diet so I was looking for information on this topic. This book is a good resource and is helping me see the things I need to do and the foods I need to buy and get rid of so I can eat healthier.” ~ Saran

“If you’ve had any interest in the so-called Paleolithic Diet, this book is an excellent starting point. Simons has boiled the subject down to its most basic, essential points. She offers a clear, straightforward explanation of the logic behind this lifestyle choice, as well as a simple guide for making healthy food choices. You can read much longer – and far more expensive – books and not come away with any more than you’ll get in this quick, easy read. Highly recommended.” ~ M.G.

Have you found yourself overwhelmed with wondering how to begin eating a grain free, gluten-free diet? Well, you are not alone. I totally understand. There has been a great deal of interest and information lately about eliminating grains and gluten from our diet and it can be overwhelming when you first begin researching. With so many books and websites on the topic of low-carb eating, too, trying to adopt a paleo lifestyle can find you full of questions.

The paleolithic way of eating includes various names like: Primal Diet, Paleo Diet (TM) , Cave Man Diet, Stone Age Diet, Hunter-Gatherer Diet, and a few others. Basically, this lifestyle consists of a low-carb, high protein diet that attempts to imitate much of what our ancestors ate before farming and other advancements changed our food choices. While we cannot replicate all that they ate and how they prepared their foods, focusing on healthy meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, good fats, nuts, and seeds is proving to pay off in big dividends in the health and well being of individuals who adopt this plan.

Going Paleo provides easy-to-understand information that answers questions like:

  • What does a paleolithic way of eating look like?
  • How do I start to make changes?
  • What’s the big deal about grains?
  • How strict is a primal diet?
  • What results can I expect on a grain free, gluten-free diet?

Come find out how to eat clean, what foods are good for you, and which foods should be avoided. Learn what foods to keep handy in your pantry and refrigerator, what to buy when you go grocery shopping, and snack ideas for adjusting to a low-carb diet.

  • Discover grain free alternatives to your favorite foods
  • Learn how eating clean with meats, fish, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other foods can benefit your health and body weight, much like they did our ancestors long ago
  • Read some great information on how to eat a gluten-free diet
  • Experience increased energy, better sleep, and lower your stress levels for a lifetime with this healthy form of eating

Purchase Going Paleo and find everything you need to get started with this easy-to-read book and obtain a host of answers to the question, “How do I begin to eat a grain free AND gluten-free diet?”

Get your copy NOW before the price goes up! For only 99 cents, you can download it immediately and start learning how to live healthier!


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