Gentechpflanzen wächst in Niedersachsen – 2018 Franken Zuckerrübensorten

Gentechnik in Deutschland
Gentechnik “GMO” wächst in Niedersachsen. Die Betaseed GmbH von der Bayer AG…
Die Mehrheit der Europäer ist gegen den Anbau von Gentechpflanzen.

Anbauhinweise 2017/2018 Franken Zuckerrübensorten zur Hauptbestellung 2017 und Frühbestellung 2018

Former MONSANTO “BETASEED” / BAYER / GMO crops growing in Lower Saxony northwestern Germany. Controlling Insect Pests in Sugarbeet by splicing the BTS toxins into the DNA of the German sugar beets. BETASEED GMBH – HERBIZIDTOLERANTES ANBAUSYSTEM FÜR ZUCKERRÜBEN. Die Betaseed GmbH von der Bayer AG und KWS Saat SE.

THE BTS use Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) to kill nematodes in the soil.
BTS 8750 N eine neue Generation der nematodentoleranten!
Beneficial nematodes as pest control will attack soil borne insect pests with no harmful effects on earthworms, plants, animals or humans, making it an environmentally friendly solution. They are morphologically, ecologically and genetically more diverse than any other animal group with the exception of arthropods.
Betaseed BTS 8750 will kill off the beneficial nematodes in the soil as well as the bad ones.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Nematodes As Pest Control: Learn About Beneficial Entomopathogenic Nematodes

No, you should not be eating this sugar if you care about your overall health. It tests very badly, as you may have observed if you have attended any of our live presentations. It makes almost everybody’s muscles incredibly weak when tested.

Why does this happen? Here are our observations:

GMO Sugar Beets are created using a process that we consider to be dangerous, the insertion of viral and/or bacterial genes into the seeds. Universally, our energy signature testing for anything created using this process has had a negative outcome.
The beets and the soil that they are grown in is sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, with residual chemicals staying with the beets after harvest and processing.
Beets are super-absorbers. If it is nutritious, the beet will absorb it. If it is toxic, the beet will also absorb those things as well.
The result: A toxic, genetically engineered beet, growing in toxic soil and eventually turned into a toxic product called white sugar.
Interestingly, our Morphogenic Field Technique testing procedure often demonstrates aberrant liver energies on people who have tested positive for GMO Sugar Beet energy.

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), a GMO more commonly known as Bt toxin, is spliced into the seeds of crops as a biological pesticide. Our environment is now sustaining genetically modified organisms in the soil, affecting everything we grow. As the seed sprouts, the Bt comes alive and grows with the plant as well as in the surrounding soils. This is a biological, living GMO pesticide that remains in the soil long after the plant is harvested. It also remains in every cell of the plant — all the way from the field to the end product, be it food, clothing, paper or tobacco.

Beyond the soil, the effects of Bt toxin are found in the genetic makeup of pollinators, as the toxin has been found in nectar and pollen of the plants. These are taken back to the hive where it accumulates and contaminates the hive, ultimately contributing to colony collapse disorder.
We find these toxins in animals and in people (it has been found in breast milk and body tissue). It is now being reproduced in the gut. Bts are airborne, traveling in pollen and dust, spreading worldwide. DNA transfers naturally through mechanisms that allow gene flow across species. In this way Bts in the soil as well as in the air serve to compromise all efforts to produce organic and non-GMO plants, challenging their genetic integrity above and below the soil.

Possible health impacts of Bt toxins

Betaseed terms and conditions: “Roundup Ready®sugarbeet seed will not be sold to any Buyer that does not have a valid Monsanto Grower Technology ID.”
The seed in this package (the “Seed”) may only be used by Buyer to grow sugarbeets: (1) to be processed for sugar, (2) for energy production or (3) for animal feed. Breeding, research, DNA analysis or other use, testing, sale or resale of any kind of the Seed or plant material developed from the Seed is strictly prohibited without a signed license agreement with Betaseed, Inc. (“Betaseed”). There are no third party beneficiary rights regarding the Seed.

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