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This is culmination of many hours of work. This trailer is for a personal project I am currently working on, if you would like more information about my project please contact me directly via email @ . Thanks for watching and Enjoy the Trailer.

At the pinnacle of chemical research, a team of US scientists discovered a nitrogen based compound that mimicked the inner workings of life itself.
Thinking that they had discovered primordial fluid, the team of scientists reveled in their accomplishment.
Using the scientists’ research, the US government secretly built a facility to develop a powerful chemical weapon to “combat” terrorism.
After the weapon’s completion, choice pieces of intelligence are released to the public from an “unknown” source.
Fearing that their own countries would fall victim to such a weapon, many of them started developing their own versions of it.
This weapon, in its many variations, was engineered to kill all life in an area without the destruction of non-living natural resources.
Unfortunately for mankind, it was our best and worst achievement in scientific discovery at the time…

A few years afterward, disaster struck.
An explosion in an offshore weapons facility in the Gulf of Mexico showed exactly how volatile the new weapon was.
For a diameter of two thousand miles, the explosion’s devastating aftermath became known as The Dead Zone.
The cause of the incident was never known, but the US was quick to blame their enemies.
A retaliation strike was immediately launched, and within moments much of the middle east was silenced forever.
Seeking to reprimand the US government, the UN instated sanctions against the US and demanded that they relinquish the remainder of their weapon stores.
The US refused.
As a result, the world broke out into a new World War.
The new chemical weapon spread upon the Earth like a pestilence.
90% or all land dwelling animals died within a few days.
80% of all surface vegetation perished within the first week.
70% of the world’s human population was killed within a couple weeks.
5% died the following winter due to food shortages.
The human population had decreased to 20% of what it formally was.
And for the first time in our history, mankind, as a species, faced extinction.
Survivors of the great catastrophe had decided, only after three months, enough was enough, thus did the war end…

It is not without a sense of irony, that the war that cost mankind the most, would mark the end human indifference and bring us to peace with one another.
Though the fighting had stopped, mankind was faced a new dilemma; the lack of sustenance.
With most governments collapsing all around them, the remaining populous gathered into sects, in order to gather food and build shelters.
In our grimmest hour, when mankind was faced with the possibility that all we had worked for as a species, our history, culture, technology, was coming to an end, one man rose up and became the world’s salvation.
He had with him the technology and the knowledge that would solve mankind’s dilemma.
The man’s one request for relinquishing his knowledge was for the sects that had formed around the world to sign a new treaty.
A treaty to preserve what life was left and to solve the earth’s future problems peacefully, by forming a new centralized leadership.
Every last sect signed the treaty, a new government was formed, the World Alliance…

The first Board of Leaders meeting convened on video conference across the globe to elect it’s first leader.
In resounding agreement, each of the sect leaders nominated the man that had united the world and saved all mankind to become its first leader.
Though honored, the man declined the offer saying, “it’s not my place.”
A new leader was elected CEO of the World Alliance and as a gesture of respect, he asked the man to stay and become his adviser.
The man agreed to do so and the Board of Leaders ushered in a new era of human civilization.
Together with the World Alliance, the man laid the foundation on which many new technologies would eventually be developed.
After giving the world his knowledge, he inexplicably passed away, the cause of death was never found.
A monument was raised in his honor; it served as a reminder of the grim fate that he helped avert…

Two centuries later, the monument still stands as a testament to those that founded the World Alliance.
The man’s name, his deeds, and his ideals washed away with the tides of time.
The World Alliance was refined into the Terran Alliance.
A collection of 12 individuals that preside over world economy; Each one of them representing a major corporation or country.
Though the human population had recovered some, it still dwarfs that of the population from before the Last War.
Human lives have become a trade currency and a symbol of how wealthy and powerful ones’ country or organization is.
Humans, like livestock, are processed, regulated, controlled and filtered.
We are no longer the consumer that drives economy, but instead have become the commodity that fuels it…

Education has become a staple for human advancement and development.
Most humans begin preliminary school at age 3.
It is rare for any human being not to have received some sort of professional training within their lifetime.
All basic subjects are taught at the elementary school level.
While highly advanced subjects are taught at the middle school and high school level.
Students, that make it through to college, are usually focused on research and development in any particular field of their choosing.
A majority of humans, based on their education, are placed into society where they would be the most productive and beneficial to the social collective.
Humans, as a race, have become sheep of the system, with the Terrain Alliance as it’s shepherd…

How long had human instincts been oppressed for the sake of survival…
How far could human morals be warped for the perpetuation of peace…
How much would we be willing to sacrifice for the titillation of technology…


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