Foods That Cause Constipation – Learn What Dietary Mistakes You Could Be Making

Constipation is a problem for many people. While there are many causes, the foods that you eat can be a major culprit. When you take time to evaluate your diet and remove foods that cause constipation, you can relieve yourself from many symptoms.

The biggest group of foods that cause constipation are mainly processed foods. Processed foods are any foods that are packaged or commercially prepared. This includes all foods purchased from fast food restaurants. The main problem with these foods is that most of the natural fiber, vitamins and minerals have been removed through processing. Foods that are normally good for you like wheat, fruits and vegetables can be transformed into foods that are void of nutritional value.

The other problem with processed foods is that they contain many additives. Preservatives, salt and sugar are added to many foods in order to make them stay fresh longer and taste better. Green beans are healthy food, but canned green beans contain excessive sodium as well as preservatives. Even if you think you are eating healthfully, processed foods can disrupt your digestive system. That’s why they are one of the foods that causing constipation problems in modern society.

If you’re having trouble with constipation, you should also avoid foods with high cholesterol content like red meat, butter, eggs and some dairy products. In addition to causing heart attacks, a diet of high cholesterol foods also affects your digestive system. High cholesterol foods are hard to digest. They require a lot of digestive enzymes and can slow down the digestive process overall. High cholesterol affects the liver, and the liver adds enzymes to the small intestine in order to break down your food. When the liver isn’t functioning properly, it can’t deliver the enzymes to your small intestine in an efficient manner. The result is a slowing down of your digestive process, and eventually causing constipation.

A low fiber diet includes a lot of foods that cause constipation. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains have natural fiber that assist in keeping water in the colon and preventing constipation. Fiber turns into a gel like substance when it is combined with water in your body. It adds bulk to stool, making it softer and easier to pass. Essentially, it’s the best thing you can eat when you are trying to prevent constipation. When the foods that you eat are deficient in fiber, you’ll miss out on fiber’s benefits.

In order to reduce your problems with constipation, stay away from those foods above and focus on fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains. Although changing your diet can help you with the causes of constipation, you won’t get to the root of the problem until you address one specific nutrient deficiency.

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