Foods for Diabetics: A Good Look at What You Should Be Eating (Organic Super Foods)

There are many delicious foods for diabetics–foods that can create delicious meals and still keep your blood sugar levels down. But within each category are certain yeas and nays that you ought to be aware of. Whether starches, meat, or vegetables, certain foods are definitely better than others to help out your diabetes.

Let’s start with the most famous culprit involved with diabetes. Starches are some of the most notorious foods on a diabetic food list. While these foods can definitely be enjoyed by diabetics, they must be the right kind of starch enjoyed in moderation. Stay away from super-processed starches. These would include anything made with white flour–bread, pasta, crackers, or anything else that has been so refined that it is deathly white. White flour is notorious for sending your blood sugar levels through the roof. So instead of using regular noodles in that pasta dish, try using whole wheat pasta (and be sure to look for the actual “whole wheat”!). Whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and occasional red potatoes are all excellent options for diabetics craving a bit of starch.

Proteins are another category of food that diabetics can enjoy a lot of. The key to eating healthy proteins is to eat lean meats. Lean meats that are good for you include chicken, turkey, fish (especially fish rich in Omega 3), and other poultry. Try to limit the amount of red meat you eat–this is a protein that is good for you, but also has detrimental fat throughout. Especially stay away from processed meats and ham. They are not beneficial to your health, whether or not you have diabetes. Dairy is another good source of protein–eggs, milk, and yogurt are good sources of protein for the diabetic. Limit the amount of cheese you consume; it is one of the more unhealthy but delicious sources of protein that can be enjoyed every once in a while.

Fats are a controversial category as far as what’s healthy and what’s not on thediabetic foods list. Generally, the naturally-occurring fats are beneficial to your health, whereas processed fats such as margarine, butter spreads, and butter substitutes are not. Fats such as olive oil, real butter, and dairy are all better sources of fat than the fake whipped butter spread or the like.

Vegetables are perhaps the biggest and best category of healthy food for diabetics. Include them in every meal. Nearly all non-starchy vegetables can be enjoyed extensively on a diabetic diet plan. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, artichoke, asparagus, zucchini, onions, garlic–all these are delicious ingredients that can add nutrition and taste to nearly every dish. Throw them into a breakfast omelet, a sandwich for lunch, or a stir-fry for dinner. Every meal can take a few veggies, whether in the dish or alongside the main course.

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