Food Intolerance Test – Which Type is Best?

Taking a Food Intolerance Test is becoming ever more popular as people associate symptoms such as indigestion, stomach cramps, headaches, insomnia and constipation with food intolerances.

There are many different types of food intolerance tests available (eg the RAST test, York test, Vega Testing) and over the years I have tried most in my nutrition clinic.

These tests all work to some extent, but the trouble I find is that the results from each food intolerance test results by person, on a day-to-day basis, as our individual body chemistry changes. I also find that these food intolerance tests can be expensive and a hassle, as they may involve a visit to a specialist clin or involve having to take a blood sample at home and then posting it and waiting a few days for the results.

Luckily I have now found a much simpler food test which gives instant results. It is quick and easy to do and costs nothing. I can do it on my patients and then teach them how to do it on themselves or on their friends and family in just a couple of minutes.

I know this sounds too good to be true but I assure you what I say is true. The food intolerance test I refer to is based on kinesiology and energy medicine. It involves doing a simple resistance muscle test on your arm and shoulder to see if a certain food is good for your body or if that food is likely to weakened the body.

This form of testing has actually been around for many years and used to identify food intolerances in many different healing modalities such as kinesiology, osteopathy, naturopathy and even by some Doctors nowdays.

If you'd like to learn how to do this simple food intolerance test you can see instructions by following this link – Food Intolerance Test 1 . Here you will see full instructions on how to do this test.

In addition to using the muscles in your arm and shoulder to test for intolerances, you can use other parts of your body such as your fingers and legs. I have now taught 5 different energy medicine techniques which I use myself at different times to test which foods suit my body best at that time.

Two of the tests need someone to do the test with you, but the other three I can just do myself. One of them is so simple I can do it when out in restaurants or shops to help identify which food to pick at that time. I learnt these tests from a great DVD called Food Testing Made simple which as well as teaching me the ways to do food testing, shown me energy exercises, which I now use on a regular basis to help keep my body strong and capable to tolerate most foods.

Source by Christina Robertsen


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