Food Addiction Documentary

Eating is a mandatory action, to survive. Nutrients, protein, and vitamins are a must in a diet. It is nearly impossible to go anywhere without having a glance of something edible. From commercials, to just everyday environment. Food is a must. But when is eating taken too far. It’s overwhelming to constantly be surrounded by food. Self-control becomes irrelative. Food is no longer a survival aspect, but it’s become an addiction. Which is linked with the obsession of food. The entire subject of food is a misery; the lack of calorie intake, eating without enjoyment. Food addicts develop a physical, mental, emotional craving and chemical addiction to food. Which result in a sense of pleasure or comfort with food and being unable to stop using food to create a sense of pleasure and comfort. Having a need to eat which results in a physical craving. And being obsessed with food. Individuals understand that their way of eating is harmful, but continues the destructive behavior.

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