Fitness Training On A Paddleboard

Alison Calder – Personal Trainer

Stand Up Paddleboarding allows you to explore and experience health and fitness in a whole new light. My training style is functional training first, then we load and fire full force. There’s a million and one ways I could show you how to do this, but for now we’ll keep it simple. The simple act of standing and paddling on a board uses your stabilizer and abdominal muscles. Core Training in any workout targets the muscle groups in the mid-section of our bodies, essentially joining our lower bodies to our upper bodies. Training on unbalanced surfaces is very effective for building the core muscle groups, (stomach and lower back) and for training muscles to fire in co-coordinated ways so that the benefits are immediately transferable to other dynamic sports and activities. It’s almost as if your core and abdominal muscles are “gripping” the board. In turn, you work on conditioning your back, arms, legs and even your toes and feet while paddling. A good half hour on a paddle board will make you sweat for sure. Once you get acquainted to SUPing, it’s like any other rigorous exercise — an excellent cardiovascular activity — however it is also uplifting and relaxing in a way few other sports can match. It’s all about fun and celebrating the beauty of the outdoors so don’t let your doubts hold you back, get out on the water and master paddle boarding today!

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