Fit ball Series total body express


Instructor’s name: Linda Stejskal

Type of Workout: Total Body

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: mat and stability ball

Total Running Time: 27 Minutes

Manufacture Year: 23 December 2017

Welcome to the Fit Ball Series. These workouts will help to take your pilates mat work to another level. Using the ball you will engage multiple muscle fibers at one time giving you maximum results in minimum time. The great thing about the ball is that it will give you a challenging yet low impact and joint friendly workout that is suitable for all fitness levels. You can use these workouts individually or string a few together for a total body challenge.

Shape your total body with this express fit ball workout. These effective standing and mat exercises will get your heart rate up and your muscles burning! You will start with standing lunge variations and squat sequences, move to a tough push up series, then hit the glutes with some ball squeezes and raises and finally target the abs with oblique twists and teasers. You will hit every muscle group to give you an intense and highly effective workout.

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