Finn (Kennedy Ink.)

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Moving to a new town with his daughter had opened a lot of doors for Felix Finnley, aka, Finn.
A new shop and great friends can really go a long way!
Imagine his surprise when a late night trip to the ER, lands him in front of the most gorgeous pair of white-blue eyes, that he’s ever seen.

Enter, Nurse Jay; only in town for his terminally ill father, he’s not sure starting something with the man and his cute daughter is a good idea. Taking everything one day at a time seems like an okay idea, though, right?
A teeny-tiny secret and a badly timed sleepover shed light on an unforgotten past and some deeply hurt feelings.
Fortunately for Jay, Finn doesn’t give up so easily.

Come catch up with these inked up boys from Madison, and see who’s next!


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